Since the first release 0.6, we received a lot of feedback from our users and customers. Many people want us to post a roadmap so they can plan their production environment in line with our feature development process. Here I would like to share an initial version. Feedback is welcome(please post them in the comments).


0.7 6/20/2015

ISCSI primary storage

Static IP

Seamless upgrade

0.8 7/20/2015

Local primary storage

Dynamic network attaching/detaching

Change instance offering

Monitoring tech-preview

0.9 9/20/2015

Ceph primary storage/backup storage

Console proxy appliance VM

User account system(API open)

1.0 10/20/2015 In planning



ISCSI Primary Storage

Support ISCSI storage as primary storage. At KVM side, up to different libvirt version, the iscsi devices are exposed through blk-scsi driver or virtio-scsi driver. The backend is an open framework that allows different ISCSI servers to be plugged in. In this version, a default implementation based on BTRFS + Open-ISCSI is provided, which builds an iscsi server using a Linux server.

Static IP

Allow users to specify an IP address a VM when calling API CreateVm, using a system tag.

Seamless Upgrade

Allow previous ZStack versions to be upgraded to current and later versions.


Local Storage

Support local disk as primary storage.

Dynamic Network Attaching/Detaching

Allow users to hot-plug/unplug a nic to a VM.

Change Instance Offering

Allow users to change an instance offering of a VM, in order to change its CPU and memory capacity.

Monitoring tech-preview

A tech-preview version of monitoring system


Ceph Primary Storage/Backup Storage

Support Ceph as unified primary storage and backup storage. That is to say, users can use one Ceph deployment as both primary storage and backup storage.

Console proxy appliance VM

Using appliance VMs as console proxies, so users can use a public network to allow remote access to VMs' consoles.

User account system(API open)

Enable API of user-account system that is similar to current AWS IAM.