Hello everyone, I am Frank Zhang, the architect of ZStack. Today I am happy to announce that ZStack v0.6 is released. ZStack is open source IaaS software aiming to solve issues of complexity, stability, scalability, and flexibility all of which are plaguing current IaaS software. As a new project in this field, ZStack learned a lot from IaaS pioneers and has built an architecture that tackles issues mentioned before.

In this version, ZStack can provide most of IaaS features including VM management, volumes, volume snapshot, network services including DHCP, DNS, SNAT, EIP, PortForwarding, and security group. Check out our website for a full feature list.

ZStack is easy to install. Check out the quick installation guide to deploy a POC environment on a single Linux machine in five minutes, or the multi-node installation guide to deploy a production environment that can scale to hundreds of thousands physical servers in 30 minutes.

Please also check out other exciting things including tutorials, user manuals, architecture blog on our website. And as open source project, you can find all source code on Github.

I hope you enjoy the project!