Hello everyone, I am Frank Zhang, the architect of ZStack. Today I am happy to announce that ZStack v0.6.2 is released. In this version, we fixed a few bugs reported by users; a detailed bug list can be found at the end of the note.

This version support upgrading from previous versions(0.6.0, 0.6.1). Users can follow below instructions to upgrade their current ZStack setup::

zstack-ctl stop_node

/etc/init.d/zstack-dashboard stop

zstack-ctl save_config

cd /usr/local/zstack/apache-tomcat/webapps

rm zstack/* -rf

wget https://download.zstack.org/releases/0.6/war-0.6.2/zstack.war --no-check-certificate

unzip zstack.war -d zstack

zstack-ctl restore_config

zstack-ctl install_ui

zstack-ctl start_node

/etc/init.d/zstack-dashboard start 

The installation script has been updated to the latest version.

I hope you enjoy the project!

Bugs fixed:

NPE when allocating host capacity if hosts are in status of connecting


VirtualRouterEipRefVO is not cleaned up in some conditions


Check DNS failed because of no scp installed on KVM host


Creating VM gets a timeout error instead of the real error if data disk offering is selected


Need support http_proxy and set Ansible.var.http_proxy, when install zstack


zstack-cli dump failed, if L3 network doesn't have dns or network service


Volume can not be attached to other VM rather than 1st one


install-zstack.sh's option '-I ' bug


Can not take snapshot in page Volume>Action


Can not delete volume from Action>delete when in volume details page