Hello everyone, I am Yongkang You, the COO of ZStack. Today I am happy to announce that ZStack v2.0.2 is released.

We did not update zstack.org for a long time, because we were continuing building much more powerful ZStack. We did a lot of things in the past 1 year, e.g. releasing ZStack Enterprise with multiple languages, launching new Chinese website http://www.zstack.io and also adding more network services like VxLAN, load balance and IP-SEC.

We got series A round funding from Alibaba Cloud and grew up with a bigger team.

ZStack has built a firmed community in China. Hundreds of private clouds are using ZStack. ele.me (the biggest online food ordering company) has a ZStack environment managing more than 1400 physical servers, which supporting millions of orders every day.

New Features And Enhancements

  • VxLAN
  • New Enterprise UI
  • New virtual router network service
  • ZStack OS
  • Performance mornitor (Enterprise feature)
  • Billing (Enterprise feature)
  • VPN(IP-Sec) (Enterprise feature)
  • VM QoS (Enterprise feature)
  • Memory/CPU/Storage Overprovision (Enterprise feature)
  • VM HA (Enterprise feature)
  • LDAP (Enterprise feature)
  • VCenter management (Enterprise feature)
  • VM password resetting by QGA (Enterprise feature)
  • VM console password (Enterprise feature)
  • VM online cloning (Enterprise feature)
  • VM CPU/Memory online hot-add (Enterprise feature)
  • VM operation log (Enterprise feature)
  • VM attach/detach ISO (Enterprise feature)

Installation And Upgrade

You can follow Installation Manual to install the 2.0.2 release.