Feature Matrix

In current version (1.3), the supported features are listed as follows:

Category Name Note
Compute Zone A logic group of resources. Similar to Amazon EC2 availability zone
Cluster A logic group of hosts
Host only KVM support
Storage Primary Storage Block storage for virtual machine volumes. Similar to OpenStack's Cinder. Support NFS, Local Storage, iSCSI, Shared Mount Storage, Ceph and Fusionstor.
Backup Storage Storage for storing images. Similar to OpenStack's Glance in combination with Image. Support Sftp, Ceph and Fusionstor.
Image Templates for creating volumes. Similar to OpenStack's Glance in combination with Backup Storage. Support raw, Qcow2 and ISO.
Volume Virtual disks. Supporting live attach/detach
Volume Snapshot Snapshots of volumes
ISO Live attach/detach ISO. Adjust VM boot order.
Networking L2 Network Layer2 broadcast domains for traffic isolation. Supporting non-VLAN and VLAN
L3 Network Subnets with network services. Support live attach/detach L3 Network to VM.
Network Services DHCP
Elastic Port Forwarding Port forwarding rules that can be bound to virtual machines dynamically
EIP Similar to Amazon EC2 elastic IP
Security Group A distributed firewall. Similar to Amazon EC2 security group
Elastic Load Balancer Similar to Amazon EC2 Elastic Load Balancer
Distributed EIP Similar with EIP, but not using single Virtual Router
Distributed DHCP Similar with DHCP, but not using single Virtual Router
User Data Similar with Amazon Cloud-init
Account & Identity Identity Management Resource access control for accounts and users. Similar to Amazon IAM
Configurations Instance Offering A specification for creating virtual machines. Similar to OpenStack flavor
Disk Offering A specification for creating volumes